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Central Library

Huge Library with thousands of Books, Journals, Magazines, Digital & E-learning Tools. Aparts from splendid Central Library, Each department has its own huge Library.

Lush Green Campus

The college has an impressive and pollution-free Lush green campus with panoramic green surroundings, elegant landscaping and beautiful flowerbeds all around.


The college has all sports facilities including Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Tennies Court, Lawn Tennies, Basket Ball Courts, Badminton Courts, Carom & other Indoor games.


Hundreds of students from all across the state live in hostel premises, which come closet to being 'a home away from home'. The separate facilities for boys and girls, tight security ensures a pleasant stay.

Computer Facility

The Best & Biggest IT Infrastructure with over 1500 Computers is Certified by TCS-iON. Students Practice Online with Wi-Fi, (24x7) Connectivity on 30 acres with 45 Mbps Lease Line.

Transport Facility

The college runs tis own fleet of buses and Cabs for the convenience of the students and the staff members to help them commute from Jaipur and surrounding areas. College Provides Biggest Fleet of buses from all Corners of City.

Medical Facility

Each hostel is provided with necessary first aid facilities. The college provides free first aid to the students in college campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are available in the close proximity of the college & hostels.


Cafeteria is an integral part of the college, which provides wholesome, nutritious & homely food to all hostellers, faculty & staff members round the clock. Hostel mess follows 4 meal per day pattern for all hostellers in the campus.