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"Student life is the best part of ones life span. The memories of this period are invaluable treasure for all times. During this period & towering dreams of future plan are conceived, serve as foundation on which structures of future plan are framed & executed.

The budding children mind is like a plain paper on which teachers have to scribble indelibly as a friend, philosopher & guide. This is no mean task & teachers have crucial role in shaping future of children. Shaping like is akin to chemical synthesis, where curriculum serves as reactant & extra curriculum activities. The guidance, inspiration, motivation & devotion to the purpose are the co-factors, which promote the synthesis & make the precarious journey to success, enjoyable, & the stumble blocks surmountable.

MGCPS offers a variety of opportunities and experiences for students to broaden their education through externships, preceptor ships, and hands-on research opportunities. Students who enroll in the program have the opportunity to work with and learn from basic science and pharmaceutical faculty recognized for their commitment to student education and advancing Pharmacy knowledge. Also, learn how living and learning India in the Federation of AICTE and PCI can enhance your life skills and success as a Pharmacy Professional."